And you’re OK with it.

I’ve about had it.  I’ve had enough of the faux outrage, the selective offense, the one-sided media attention.  Name your subject, and I’ll guarantee there are important, even critical facts that are being white-washed, swept under the rug, or just completely ignored.  And you’re OK with it.

Immigration.  Yes, the conditions in those camps are horrific, and draw at least semi-legitimate comparisons to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany (the principal difference being these camps aren’t designed for mass executions).  But what nobody talks about is the fact that this is exactly what was designed to happen when the caravans of Central American migrants were organized.  Thousands of people were brought to our border for the specific purpose of overwhelming our immigration facilities and the people manning them – and they have succeeded. Probably beyond their expectations, but this is exactly what they wanted to happen!  And you’re OK with it.

Remember all those migrant caravans during the Obama administration?  That’s right, there weren’t any.  Whoever organized the caravans wanted this situation to embarrass this nation, and even more the sitting President.  And you’re OK with it.

And for the last, stinking time – it wasn’t white supremacists that got “the Orange Menace” elected President!  Good Lord, people – use your brains!  Those people don’t have the numbers to influence a national election, for crying out loud.  If they did, there would not have been a President Obama.  Period.

What got the “Orange Menace” elected was the fact he was a genuine political outsider, a neophyte, at a time when the majority of the electorate was sick and tired of politics as usual.  Who used his “Reality TV” experience, combativeness, and popularity to strike a chord with just enough people to win the Electoral College – which is how we elect our Presidents, so STFU about doing away with it just because you didn’t like the last result.

The reason he was able to do that is because the two largest political parties got together years ago and wrote rules that exclude any third party candidate from the process.  And you’re OK with it.

And just so you don’t think I’m a Trump apologist: I didn’t support him in 2016, I don’t support him now, I do not support his re-election in 2020; I think he may go down in history as one of, if not THE, worst President we’ve ever had.  I don’t like him, I didn’t like him on TV, I didn’t vote for him…  But I also know that he’s done a few good things while in office, but those stories are simply not reported.  At least base your dislike on a complete picture, please – and you’re not getting the complete picture.  And you’re OK with it.

Name your subject.  Abortion, guns, impeachment, quashed legislation…  You’re not getting the complete picture.

And you’re OK with it.

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