Is it over, yet?

I was waiting for today to see if my predictions were accurate.  So far, the Circus hasn’t disappointed.  They’ve performed exactly as I knew they would.  And they will continue to perform as I knew they would, just like any other trained monkeys.

Which makes this post difficult to write, to be honest.  What’s the point?  All the fuss and bother that’s been generated for the last 3 years and counting culminated in this hyper-partisan charade that is still playing out before our eyes, and we could see it coming from the start.

Every step taken by all the trained monkeys has been so pitifully predictable since before the 2016 election.  Ace by ace, diamond by diamond, spade by spade, they built their case on innuendo, heresay, supposition, and theatrics.  As one theory crumbled, another took its place.  It was as if they were reading from a script of a bad play we’d been forced to memorize in grade school.  Complete with the name-calling and raspberries grade-schoolers are famous for.

And the target and his cronies egged them on, with outrageous tweets and ad hominem attacks, going after messengers instead of addressing the issues, character assassination, and alienating friend and foe alike around the world.

And the house of cards is starting to collapse.  It will fully collapse next week, when the Senate will – by a party-line vote – acquit President Trump of the charges levied against him.

But it will resolve nothing.  What it will do is continue to deepen the divide in this country, because even when faced with the 3rd impeachment trial in US history, none of our representatives in either of those august bodies could put away their clown makeup.

There will be a lot of wailing and crying on the national news about how unfair it all was.  It was rigged, it was a sham.  How putting party before country is allowing a criminal President to continue to preside…

Boys and girls, don’t you dare bring that particular argument to me, ever again.  That ship sailed a long time ago – at the last Impeachment trial – when the sitting President was acquitted of committing perjury that he admitted to!

I find it interesting how Senator Feinstein of California – who I have always felt is one of the biggest morons in the Senate, right beside Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell – is publicly flirting with the idea of voting to acquit.  She may be smarter than I thought, if she realizes what a weak case the House has brought, and not wanting Chief Justice Roberts to become any more intimately involved in its resolution than he already is.

I predict “Moscow Mitch” McConnell is serving his last term in office.  As far as I’m concerned, he made a fatal political blunder when he announced that they would be taking their cues from the White House in conducting the trial, thereby permanently tainting the result, whatever that result was to be (of course, we all knew the result long before the Articles of Impeachment were even drawn up).

Good people are vilified because they are associated with the Republicans.  Good people are vilified because they are associated with the Democrats.  There was – and is – no middle ground.  That’s been made clear.

Is it over, yet?


It never will be.

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