I called it.

Didn’t I call it?  Didn’t I know how it was going to fall out?  Every step of the way, I called the next dozen steps, and every time I was right.

Since 2016, I called it…

On a party-line vote – with one notable exception, which I didn’t foresee – the impeachment process ended with the Senate voting to acquit the President of the charges levied against him.

And nothing changed.

Absolutely nothing changed.

Everything has happened as I had foreseen…

Of course, I wasn’t the only one.  Thousands of us foresaw this sequence of events.  Thousands of us watched the House Democrats foam at the mouth for four long, tiresome years doing their damnedest to find something to pin on this President, half hoping – or fearing – they’d succeed.  And when they finally found something that didn’t blow away like so much dandelion fluff, they botched it.  Treated “impeachment” like it was the whole deal when they knew it was only half the process, then got all bent out of shape when the Senate played by their own rules.

Thousands of us knew the outcome the moment Mitch McConnell opened his mouth.

It was a partisan exercise from the get-go, the good of the country be damned.

And, frankly, I don’t know which side of the aisle I’m more disgusted by.

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