Doing It Backwards

It’s a time-honored tradition that Ohio is following.  Jumping on the least effective, most harmful method of limiting behavior they don’t like.  Same for Utah, Louisiana, Iowa, North Dakota…

Ohio’s governor just signed into law a ban on abortions beyond 6 weeks.  Aside from the fact this is contrary to SCOTUS rulings and will be successfully challenged in court (and is thusly a complete waste of time and taxpayer money), this is a perfect example of this society’s penchant for doing things backwards.  Applying band-aids.

Of avoiding the underlying problem in favor of do-nothing grandstanding.

This won’t do away with abortions.  None of these bans will.  If enforced, it will only mean women will die painful deaths, and there will be an increased burden on juvenile justice resources.

If you want to end elective abortions, forget bans, forget defunding Planned Parenthood (which is an abysmally stupid idea, anyway), forget trying to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Instead, solve the problems that create unwanted pregnancies in the first place.  Give young people an adequate education and access to contraceptives.  Make local adoption attractive instead of a bureaucratic nightmare.  Make every child legitimate regardless of parentage.

It’s not rocket science.  Solve the unwanted pregnancy issue and you eliminate the need for elective abortions.  Simple, right?

But we’re not interested in actually solving underlying issues.  We’d rather use band-aids and sound bites and go on our merry way, pretending we’ve done something useful.   Whistling in the dark.

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