And you’re OK with it.

I've about had it.  I've had enough of the faux outrage, the selective offense, the one-sided media attention.  Name your subject, and I'll guarantee there are important, even critical facts that are being white-washed, swept under the rug, or just completely ignored.  And you're OK with it. Immigration.  Yes, the conditions in those camps are … Continue reading And you’re OK with it.

Mueller Report

OMG, the obvious cover-up.  AG Barr had the completed report for 24 hours before he provided a 4-page summary?  On a Saturday?  He's obviously hiding something. Oh, the humanity! Yes, boys and girls, that was sarcasm.  I realize it might be a little subtle for some of you, but that's me being sarcastic. It's a … Continue reading Mueller Report

Smollett and the Power of Privilege

"Privilege" in society comes in many forms.  "Privilege" is when special accommodations are made for someone due to some specific factor, an assumption of entitlement - it's not an easy definition to spell out, actually, because there's rarely anything overt about it, the privilege is assumed because of (insert factor here). Mind you, "Privilege" is … Continue reading Smollett and the Power of Privilege