I’ll see you in Hell…

That’s a well-used line, usually uttered when the hero rides off to almost certain death over the objections of his companions.  Used frequently in war movies, Han Solo delivered it as he rode off into the blizzard on his Tauntaun…

I’m using it in a slightly different context.

I’m extremely frustrated with our current situation.  I stand and watch dumbfounded as  disinformation and propaganda are being spewed from what are supposed to be independent, “mainstream” media outlets.  I’m aghast at how little reaction there is to the suspension of the senior ABC reporter after admitting how his own political views influence his reporting, how he and his network spike stories that might be favorable to President Trump, simply because they might be favorable to President Trump.  I’m appalled when a formerly-respected journalist with his own media outlet (that purports to be unbiased) deliberately misconstrues the President’s remarks to create (and perpetuate) a more sensational – and untrue – story.

And I’m dismayed that so many of my friends buy into this bullshit.

And you know as well as I do, it’s just as bad the other way.  There’s propaganda outlets for them, too, and I have some very dear friends who buy into that load of crap.

Nobody’s getting the whole story.  And nobody cares.

Don’t misunderstand me.  Love the man?  Good for you.  Don’t like him?  Great – I don’t like him, either.  But if you’re going to like or dislike him, do so for real reasons, real facts, not something a biased media spoon-feeds you.

The only way the United States is going to survive as something our founders might recognize is if enough of the people wake up to say “Enough.”  To recognize the big con the two political parties have perpetrated on us.  To realize that we do, actually, have a choice, if we choose to make it.

I’m not holding my breath.

One of the anti-Constitution Democrats will become President, or Trump will be elected to a second term.  Either will further the slide downward.  Elitist incumbents in Congress will likely be re-elected, because the sheep in their districts vote the way they’re told to.  The slide continues.

Unless we wake up and get out of this handbasket.


I’ll see you in Hell.

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