Mueller Report

OMG, the obvious cover-up.  AG Barr had the completed report for 24 hours before he provided a 4-page summary?  On a Saturday?  He’s obviously hiding something. Oh, the humanity!

Yes, boys and girls, that was sarcasm.  I realize it might be a little subtle for some of you, but that’s me being sarcastic.

It’s a 300 page report.  One I hope and believe will be made public sooner than later.  Everybody wants it public, all the Republicans and Democrats, rank and file as well as leadership.  So it will be.

But what all the Facebook memes and outraged commentators fail to mention is that there is material in that report that is illegal to make public.  Grand Jury testimony and evidence that cannot be disclosed without violating long-standing Federal Law and Rules of Procedure.

Doesn’t seem to matter to the muckrakers (that’s a term that needs to make a comeback), who want nothing more than stir the pot, that if Barr releases the report verbatim he’d be breaking the law.  Hell, they probably want him to so they can then scream and cry for his head for doing so.  Kind of like how they screamed and cried for Comey’s firing – until he was, then they were outraged.

We know the investigation found no collusion with the Russians.  The summary is a little more vague on the question of obstruction of justice; Barr makes the point that the report doesn’t exonerate the President.  What does that mean?  Well, I’d guess there’s some evidence that someone in the White House was working in that direction.  Whether it rose to an actionable level remains to be seen.

So let’s un-bunch our panties and keep it legal.


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