…And In The Center Ring…

I've been watching the circus.  You know, the one currently being held over in Washington DC.  The one that's been dominating our news cycle for weeks.  If nothing else, what I've seen has convinced me of one thing: I don't like the circus. You might not know this, but I have a legal background.  I … Continue reading …And In The Center Ring…

Santa Clarita, CA

Back in March, some neanderthal shot up a couple of mosques in Christchurch, NZ, and I wrote a short post about it (here). A few days ago, a 16 year old kid killed two of his classmates, wounded two more, before shooting himself in the head; he later died.  It was his birthday.  I don't … Continue reading Santa Clarita, CA

Apparently, I’m a Terrorist.

The mind boggles. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously declared the National Rifle Association (NRA) a domestic terrorist organization.  While a symbolic act, they are urging other governmental entities to do the same. Apparently, support of the US Constitution (the 2nd Amendment in particular) is enough to brand you a terrorist in … Continue reading Apparently, I’m a Terrorist.

And you’re OK with it.

I've about had it.  I've had enough of the faux outrage, the selective offense, the one-sided media attention.  Name your subject, and I'll guarantee there are important, even critical facts that are being white-washed, swept under the rug, or just completely ignored.  And you're OK with it. Immigration.  Yes, the conditions in those camps are … Continue reading And you’re OK with it.

Smollett and the Power of Privilege

"Privilege" in society comes in many forms.  "Privilege" is when special accommodations are made for someone due to some specific factor, an assumption of entitlement - it's not an easy definition to spell out, actually, because there's rarely anything overt about it, the privilege is assumed because of (insert factor here). Mind you, "Privilege" is … Continue reading Smollett and the Power of Privilege