Smollett and the Power of Privilege

"Privilege" in society comes in many forms.  "Privilege" is when special accommodations are made for someone due to some specific factor, an assumption of entitlement - it's not an easy definition to spell out, actually, because there's rarely anything overt about it, the privilege is assumed because of (insert factor here). Mind you, "Privilege" is … Continue reading Smollett and the Power of Privilege

Single-Payer Health Insurance

I'm home sick from work, and just had a WTF moment.  I read an interview with this self-proclaimed "tax guy" who's figured out how to pay for single-payer healthcare.  Which isn't healthcare, but I'll let that slide for the moment. While he's got some tax-reform ideas that are worthy of consideration, he otherwise doesn't have … Continue reading Single-Payer Health Insurance